Having an estate sale? Why you need a professional personal property appraisal.  

We charge a minimum fee of $375.00 ( $125.00 per hour) to come  to your home and provide an unbiased personal property appraisal. We can let you know the value of certain items that may sell much better using another venue, be it on line, or at the right auction house. 

We did an appraisal in NYC and the estate was going to sell all of the “costume ” jewelry to a dealer. We found upwards of $10,000 of just scrap value in that pile of “costume” jewelry.

Items such as Chinese & Continental porcelain, Mid Century furniture & accessories, paintings and jewelry are some of the categories that should be vetted before having an estate sale. 

On my days off, I attend estate sales conducted by professional estate sale companies. In one instance, I purchased a Chinese porcelain plate for $10.00. The plate was a blue and white plate with a dragon design. Chinese porcelain has skyrocketed in value since the 1980’s. Blue and white is one of the most desirable color schemes. The plate was signed with a six character Chinese blue under glaze seal. The plate was early 18th century. I won’t say what I sold this  plate for, but I will say that this estate’s belongings would have greatly benefited by a non biased professional appraiser. 

If you are having an estate sale or are just curious about the value of your inherited family items, please give us a call to set up an appointment. We are very experienced in many areas of the antique market and our appraisal rates are very competitive. Our appraisal website is http://www.appraisalsnj.net. You can also call us at 908-303-2632 to set up an appointment. 

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